The life in which I spent in Africa was the most amazing and memorable time of my life. I was on the shoot of the wildlife and the most beautiful thing which I did was the shooting of the king of the jungle The Lion. After returning back to my native place I really miss out the place and sometimes I dream about the king. Besides all these sometime I go for the play of online pokies. Last Sunday there was meeting with my client cum friend who called me in the restaurant.

After I had placed my order, he also took me to a pokies game and gave me many tips to make it a good experience. I felt lonely after returning to my apartment. After recalling my friend’s words, I set out to search for Lions Pride and found it.

This one is a special one for me. It carries the memories of my trip to Africa and camp. My friend is my learning center about gambling. Every time we meet, I ask him questions whether we are in a car or club. It is possible to assume that the popularity of gambling can be attributed to the fact that you will find links to the gambling on Facebook. There are also channels which broadcast information about rules and regulations of any contest.

I am so crazy of these things that I use the clothing which are used in the graphics of any other event. There are many symbols which are depicted in the interface such as zebras, lions, and many more wildlife symbols. As we have seen in many of the events the basic thing which you have to do is to make the perfect matching of the symbols in the active slots which may give you the rewards and gifts and some free spins too and sometimes real capital too.

Slot Machine: Hook’s Heroes

You might have thought that Captain Hook’s crew would be more rewarding than Peter Pan’s, but now you can prove it with Hook’s Heroes, one of the latest online slot games by Netent. You will embark on an adventure on the high seas, where you must recruit pirates to get revenge on Peter Pan. Some amazing bonus games include Wild Captain Hook and Mermaid Feature, a Pirate Feature, and Scattered Free Spins.

You can interview potential crew members with spin-stakes starting at 0.2 coins per spin. This is an exciting adventure for slot players of all tastes.


You’ll notice the high seas in Neverland are turbulent and will crash against your boat as your crew assembles on islands. Patchy (eye-patch), Goofy (2 big front teeth), Speccy (3 glasses), Tom-Boy (4-member girl pirate), and Voodoo (1-member scary painted face) are all high on the list.

Pirate Prizes

You can put together your team in any order. And you can start winning bonuses as soon as your first spin. For Patchy’s recruitment, you can win 250 coins, 300 coins, Goofy for recruiting, 500 coins for Speccy, and 700 coins each for Tom-Boy and Voodoo.

Captain Hook is an incredibly wild pirate who loves to go Wild multiple times per day. However, he will gladly take over for another pirate to make more winning pay lines. It would be best if you also were on the lookout for Peter Pan in a crocodile costume, as this is the game’s highly rewarding Scatter Symbol. Three Scatter Symbols can trigger the Free Spins Features.

You’ll be able to choose from three features. You can select seven free spins in Fair, where 2-5 wilds will stay on the reels. Or, you can select ten free spins with the Mermaid Feature, in which all prizes are doubled, and the prizes made using wilds are quadrupled. Or, choose 15 Free Spins with the Pirate Feature, in which the number of matching symbols on the reels determines bonuses. You can select 2 or 3 of the three features if the Free Spins Feature triggers by 4 Scatter Symbols. If it starts with 5 Scatter Symbols, you’ll be awarded all 3 Features.

The Stake Aargh Great

The stakes are high, as you would expect from a pirate slot. Every player gets to play all 20 pay lines. However, you can stake these at a variety of bet levels as well as coin values. High-rollers looking for a high-limit slot can play for up to 200 coins per spin. However, the minimum spin-stake is only 0.2 coins.


We know you will soon be addicted to our theme, which is based on one of the most beloved stories in the world.

The time I spent in Africa, immersed in its wild beauty, was nothing short of transformative. Among my many experiences, the most poignant was capturing the majesty of lions, the undisputed kings of the jungle. These memories, so vivid and dear, often find their way into my dreams, even now, back in my homeland.

In this quiet life, far from Africa’s untamed landscapes, I’ve found solace in the thrill of online pokies. It’s a pastime that unexpectedly reconnects me to that adventurous spirit. Just last Sunday, an encounter with a friend, who’s also a client, introduced a new dimension to this hobby. We met at a quaint restaurant, where, amidst casual conversation and a shared meal, he guided me into the world of online slots, enriching my understanding and appreciation for this virtual gamble.

The game that resonated with me the most was ‘Lions Pride’. It’s more than a game; it’s a portal to my African sojourn, rekindling the exhilaration of those days. Each session is a learning curve, with my friend serving as a mentor in this digital gambling arena. Our discussions, whether in a moving car or a bustling club, weave through the intricacies of this pastime. It’s intriguing to observe how gambling has woven itself into the social fabric, evident in its pervasive presence on platforms like Facebook and in the specialized channels that demystify its rules and strategies.

My fascination extends beyond the game. I find myself drawn to attire that mirrors the aesthetics of these games, embracing the themes they represent. The interface of these games is a canvas, showcasing symbols like zebras and lions, echoing the wilderness of Africa. The essence of these games lies in aligning these symbols across active slots, a task that promises rewards, free spins, and at times, real monetary gains.

Hook’s Heroes‘, a recent addition by Netent, is another favorite. This online slot game takes you on a high-seas adventure with Captain Hook, offering a fresh perspective where the infamous pirate’s crew outshines Peter Pan’s. The game is a melange of exciting bonus features like the Wild Captain Hook, Mermaid Feature, and Pirate Feature, complete with Scattered Free Spins.

In this Neverland-inspired adventure, the experience is vivid and dynamic. Your crew, a motley collection of characters like Patchy, Goofy, Speccy, Tom-Boy, and Voodoo, becomes your key to unlocking treasures. Each character brings a unique reward, adding to the thrill of the hunt. Captain Hook, in his wild antics, ensures the game’s unpredictability, while Peter Pan, disguised as a crocodile, acts as a coveted Scatter Symbol, unlocking potent Free Spins Features.

These features, ranging from the Fair, with its sticky wilds, to the Mermaid and Pirate Features, with their multiplier bonuses, add layers of excitement to the gameplay. The stakes in ‘Hook’s Heroes’ are as varied as its characters, accommodating both cautious beginners and bold high-rollers, making every spin a tale in itself.

This enchanting world of online slots, reminiscent of cherished tales and far-off lands, has a magnetic pull. Whether it’s the nostalgia of Africa’s wilderness or the captivating narrative of Neverland’s pirates, these games offer an escape, a chance to relive adventures and create new ones in the virtual realm. They’re not just games; they’re gateways to stories and memories, old and new.