The slot machine, is an invention that dates from a period between 1887 and 1895, when the American Charles Fey, designed an apparatus composed of three rotating rings containing five figures in total, such as the sword, diamond, heart, horseshoe and a bell of freedom, the latter being the one that inspired the name of the game. In this way, by substituting ten cards with those five symbols and using three wheels instead of five boxes, the imbroglio of perceiving a triumph was greatly reduced, thus obtaining an instant payment mechanism. The greatest gain was obtained when a line of three bells was achieved.

This machine was an unprecedented success and gave way to the emergence of the industry of mechanical games, which was in progress as new technologies appeared, moving from mechanical to electronic operation, ending in digital graphics. Also, the machines were changing their themes, so it was no longer just symbols of poker and fruit, but they cover a whole creative space ranging from cartoons, movies, fiction, fantasy, nature, galaxies, and many more, that every day provide hours of fun and pleasure to all the followers of this game of chance, especially if it is free.

Such is the case of the SlotFather, a 3D online pokie machine developed by Betsoft, which is based on the legendary movie The Godfather. In this way, it is still giving free rein to the passions that this production on the Italian Mafia has unleashed for so many years; that served as an inspiration to the genius distributors of Betsoft games to decide to enter this dangerous and intense world. Next, a review of this game will be given, describing its most outstanding characteristics.

What story is told in SlotFather?

As mentioned earlier the game tells the story of the seventh art classic, The Godfather. In this sense, the most disturbing Italian Mafia of recent decades is represented by the rollers so that cleanly or dirty, but without harming anyone, the player earns money, regardless of whether it is virtual when playing in the free mode.

Characteristics of the game

In this section, we will describe the characteristics of the most recent version of the game, the SlotFather II machine. So if the first part is already known, this second one in 3D technology impresses with its original evolution. The machine is configured with a 5 wheel display, which has 3 rows and 243 pay lines to win. The figures that will be found on the reels will be the four members of the most fearsome mafia in Italy, where Sammy Graziano, Tom Hagen, Tony the fat and obviously Don Vito Corneole, better known as “THE SLOTFATHER”.

Special symbols

Although the characters named above are those that generate more profits, there are also special symbols that offer many advantages. Among them are:

  • The wild card. Help in the formation of winning lines, because with it you can impersonate any normal figure.
  • The scatter. It provides high-value prizes while allowing players to win a sum of free spins when at least three are combined. On the other hand, with this free game session, you can double the regular prizes. Also, you can activate again and at the end of the mini-game, you have an added bonus with automatic credits.
  • Gangster. It’s a bonus represented by mobsters Fat Tony, Frankie, and Snake Eyes Sammy, who come out in special extended symbols that cover an entire cylinder. On the one hand, they win excellent prizes, although they can also activate the resin, with which they strike at least a couple of whole rolls of the same character. Next, the remaining rollers will agree with the reward to reward it with many pay lines. Added to this, when filling three or more rails of a single character, a special function will be activated.
  • Take money from local companies as protection. This is common from the mafia, and from this slot machine with free lines. This serves to let see a payment. The potential and the risk of the reward will depend on the gangster who triggers that bonus round. In that sense, Fat Tony has the lowest volatility, on the other hand, Sammy gives a little more; while Frankie is the one with the most extensive variety of surprises.

Free Spins

The scatter is represented by the symbol of the gangster truck and is the one that activates the special rounds that produce the free spins. The number of free spins that are related to the number of scatter symbols is shown below:

  • Three scatters result in eight free spins.
  • Four, offer 12 spins.
  • Five give the large sum of twenty free spins.

Finishing each round of free spins, you can enjoy an extra bonus called the “Big Boss”, which provides coins.

Average return percentage, volatility, and pot

The Slotfather II slot machine has intermediate volatility. While your average return percentage or RTP is set at approximately 96%. On the other hand, the jackpot or jackpot comes to stand with a maximum profit of 1,500 coins.

Graphics and sound

Betsoft’s Slotfather is one of the first popular games in 3D technology offered by the company. This popularity is due to the fact that its graphics details are incredible, so much so that the player can immerse himself in the world of the mafia and the most feared gangsters of the decade of the 30s in New York and Chicago. In this regard, the graphics for both computers and mobile devices are of the highest quality. An example of this is the figure of the famous Don Vito, who is sitting to one side of the screen; This one is so realistic that on several occasions it produces chills. With respect to the sounds, the machine has integrated the jazz soundtrack that transports the player to the time and to the film itself.

Modality for PC and mobile

The Slotfather II slot machine represents a very pleasing form of entertainment because it can be played online for free. It is available both for a desktop interface and for mobile devices, so it can be enjoyed from the comfort of home or while traveling. This is because Betsoft has been able to take advantage of advanced technologies improving its support for mobile gaming. In this way, games can be played on smart devices such as phones and tablets. Also, Slotfather II is programmed in HTML5 mode, so it is compatible with many platforms.

Venture into the world of “The Slotfather II”, a masterful creation by Betsoft that transcends the conventional boundaries of online slots. This game is not merely a collection of spinning reels and flashing lights; it is a portal into a gripping narrative, deeply rooted in the mystique of the Italian Mafia. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the unique facets that elevate Slotfather II in the dynamic arena of online casino games.

A Tapestry of Tales

At the heart of Slotfather II lies its rich, immersive storytelling. It’s more than a game; it’s an odyssey. Players are not merely participants; they’re embroiled in a saga, brimming with intrigue and suspense. The game’s narrative weaves around iconic figures like Sammy Graziano, Tom Hagen, and the formidable Don Vito Corleone, the revered “Slotfather.” This narrative intricacy transforms each spin into a chapter of a thrilling story, heightening the player’s engagement beyond the typical slot experience.

Gameplay: A Symphony of Strategy and Chance

Betsoft’s innovation shines in the gameplay of Slotfather II. The game boasts 243 pay lines, a bounty of opportunities for victory and thrill. But there’s more – the game is peppered with special symbols, including wilds and scatters, each adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay. These features do not merely increase winning odds; they infuse the game with a depth that challenges the player’s tactical acumen.

Bonuses: A Rollercoaster of Excitement

In Slotfather II, the bonuses are not just rewards; they’re a narrative device. The gangster bonuses, for instance, are more than just credit multipliers. Each character brings a unique flavor of volatility and surprise, turning bonus rounds into mini-epics within the game. The free spins are not merely spins without cost; they are keys to deeper layers of the story, each turn unraveling the complexities of the Slotfather’s empire.

Visual and Auditory Artistry

Graphically, Slotfather II is a visual feast. Betsoft’s use of 3D technology breathes life into the characters and the ambience of the 1930s Mafia. Every detail, from the vivid portrayal of Don Vito to the jazz-infused soundtrack, is crafted to perfection, creating an immersive experience that transcends platforms, be it PC or mobile.

Universality and Adaptability

Understanding the varied needs of modern gamers, Slotfather II is designed for universal accessibility. Its compatibility with both desktop and mobile platforms, powered by HTML5 technology, ensures that the game can be enjoyed by a diverse audience, anywhere, anytime.

In Summation

Slotfather II stands as a testament to the evolution of online slots. It’s more than a game; it’s a journey back in time, an interaction with characters that are larger than life, and a showcase of the zenith of gaming technology. As the landscape of online casinos continues to evolve, Slotfather II sets a new benchmark, not just as a game of chance, but as a captivating, story-driven adventure, offering players not just a means to win, but a memory to cherish.