I know what you are thinking. It seems absurd to use psychic powers to predict the winning numbers of roulette. Are you kidding? When I first attended about it, my first thought was, “What a load of mumbo-jumbo!”

After some research, I’m beginning to question my beliefs. Precognition skills can predict the outcome of roulette and make money. This is an acquired skill. With practice and the right software, anyone can predict where the roulette ball will land. They can use this skill live online and in RNG casinos.

The majority of people cannot guess the number at which the roulette ball will land. They will be successful if they can guess 52% or more accurately overall. They are more successful in imagining odd/even and high/low, red/black, or even/minuscule. It is possible for those willing to improve their intuition skills to win 60% of the time.

The Majority Vote uses basic intuition to determine which bet should be placed. This is when a large group (say 100 people) votes on the roulette wheel. They do this based on intuition (gut instinct). If 60% of the people choose black, you will bet on black. This method has been shown to work well in most cases. Although it’s not perfect, one cannot help but wonder what the outcome would be if this technique were used with gifted people.

It may be possible to improve your intuition and win 60% to 80% of the time. Although it may seem impossible, you might be surprised by the results if you devote a few hours per day to building your intuition over some time.

1. Register for a fun account in an online casino so that you don’t lose any money while practicing.

2. Focus on your breathing, and let your body relax as if it were a meditation.

3. Allow your mind to calm down and be open.

4. Allow color to pop into your head. What color is it? How do you feel in the gut?

5. You can place a free bet on this color to see if you are right. Keep track of the result.

6. Repeat the process 20 times.

You can keep track of your scores to see how you’re doing and what percentage you get right. You can then guess a number once you feel confident. Some people can get more than 80% correct with enough practice.

A software program is available to help you improve your intuition in roulette. You can position bets on odd or even, and when you’re wrong, a sharp buzz will be emitted. This is intended to train your subconscious. Okay, it may sound absurd, but I did it anyway. Imagine if that power could be harnessed to win more wagers.

You may have tried a strategy for roulette that you thought would work. It may work for other players, but it doesn’t work for you. Are you unsure if the system you tried is working or if other factors could influence it?

Although no single strategy guarantees to win, it is possible to win consistently at a casino by applying one. My best strategy for roulette failed to win me the first time, just like many other roulette players. After spending thousands of dollars trying to beat the roulette wheel using the best strategy I could find, I began to examine what caused me to lose.

I notice that I win first if I follow my strategy for betting and my bankroll keeps growing. I eventually try to win the same amount of money more quickly, increasing my bets and betting amounts. This strategy worked, and I won more. However, my winnings will be reduced if I have consecutive losing turns. Because I want to regain what I have lost, I wager more than lose. I forget all about my strategy to win the first roulette game. Guess what? Guess what? I lost all the money I won and the money that I deposited.

Now and again, another incident occurs. I pledged to follow my roulette strategy no matter how much I won every time I deposited into my online casino account. My approach was forgotten because I became too greedy. After seeing my bankroll grow with winnings, I lost all my winnings and my own money. I continually asked myself why I had never made a profit using the roulette strategy.

Through online chat and joining a few gambling forums, I found out that the roulette strategies they use never work to make them any money, even though they win the initial round. I discovered that many other players had had the same experience as me. Their loss was due to the same reason as mine: they were greedy after they won big and lost all their winnings. So I learned from my mistakes and began to control my mean behavior. When I learned to place my bets with strategy and not emotion, I could win more than I lost. This makes me a net winner on every exit.

If your roulette strategy doesn’t work for you, you might want to check if you are greedy and your system is not working. If a plan has been proven to work with other players, it should work for your bets. If the opposite happens, it’s most likely not the strategy causing it but other factors.


Other than a poor roulette strategy, many other factors could cause you to lose at the roulette table. Before you blame the roulette strategy that worked for others, it is essential to understand the root cause of your loss.