It is my habit that whenever I get some time from the work I generally goes out for the dinner with my family. Last month when I was in the highest point of the world which is situated in Saudi Arabia, I had lot of fun and enjoyed the services and hospitality of the Burj khalifa. The best thing which I liked about this hotel was the dinner and the variety of salads which was provided and most of the time during my chow I ordered Fruit Salad and cakes for me which I liked the most.

After returning back to my native place I was involved in my daily routine and also searched for the recipe of the dishes. Besides that whenever I get any spare time I usually go for the play of gambling which passes my time with full entertainment. Influenced by the services and my favorite I went for the search of the pokies through online and I got many options but the game which I generally was the Fruit Salad. The graphics is themed on the subjects related to fruits. Describing about the pokies world, they provides two versions of the game one in which there exists single line of pay and the other one contains three lines of pay with three reels in each. Thanks to the microgaming which is the company who facilitates the users to go with both type of play for this one.

The maximum betting of the coins in both lines is three in each line. The interface of this one is full of many wild and scattered symbols related to world of flora such as the tree, plants, fruits and many more which you can try to make the combination in the active slots for getting the return gifts. Generally when I go for the visit of this world I enjoy it with some ice creams and cup of cold coffee and sometimes in the bar too to get the feel of real casinos.

Slots by Kings of Chicago

Kings of Chicago is the original video slot of its type. It combines classic slot play and classic video poker to create a unique video slot from Net Entertainment (NetEnt). Kings of Chicago takes place in an old Chicago neighborhood where gangsters rule the streets.

Kings of Chicago has five bet lines. They are located on a three-by-five interface, where 15 cards will be dealt every time the slot is played. After the cards have been sold, a hand of poker with three or more of the same kind or higher will pay.

Kings of Chicago, like all NetEnt video slot machines, is compatible with Macs and can be used with Linux and Windows.


You can dress up as Kings of Chicago if you want to be a real character. You will see various gangster characters depicted on the cards. The wild joker and scatter symbols are trigger cards for Free Deals (aka Free Spins). Around the edge of the poker felt, where cards are dealt, jewels, guns, and money lie.

A deck replaced the symbols on the reels with cards. A single Joker acts as a multiplier and doubles the chances of winning. The background noise, which is not loud or overbearing, reminds me of an old-fashioned, crowded poker room. When the payouts are made, the reels’ sounds echo many cards.


The wild multiplier of the Joker card in Kings of Chicago can be found in Kings of Chicago. To make it even more exciting, the Joker card in Kings of Chicago can replace any other cards and create winning hands. All payouts that result from a joker are doubled.

The scatter symbol is another unique feature of the Kings of Chicago. A scatter character can be found on any card. After a deal is made on any card, it will appear randomly. The Free Deals feature activates when three or more scatters are visible. Free Deal mode offers more opportunities to win deals if three or more scatters can be dealt again. All Free Deals are made with the same bet as the original deal. Double your winnings on activated bet lines to get a free exchange.

The payouts make Kings of Chicago attractive to video poker and poker players. These are the payout combinations for Kings of Chicago: Straight Flush (three of a kind), Full House (four of a kind), Straight Flush (directly Flush), Full House (four of a type), Straight Flush (straight Flush), Royal Flush (5 of a kind), Natural Royal Flush. The payouts are based on poker hands, which most people know. This makes seeing your winning combinations on the Kings of Chicago interface easier. The payouts for this video poker slot are straightforward. They are also consistent and impressive due to the simplicity of the layout.

There are limits

Kings of Chicago is an online video slot that offers a wide range of coin values. You can choose from between 0.01 and 1.00, or you can choose from 1 to 10 bet levels. The maximum bet at the dollar level is 50. The lowest possible chance is 0.50. This innovative online slot is accessible to all who enjoy playing online slots. Kings of Chicago is a viral video slot with features like autoplay (play up to 1,000 spins automatically).


NetEnt online slots, such as Kings of Chicago from NetEnt, are among the most prestigious. They feature intuitive design and detail regarding innovative themes, bonus features, and other information. These casino games have high-quality sound and graphics, making them some of the most popular online slots.NetEnt is the best choice if you’re looking for simple but exciting video slots that pay well.