All games that come from roulette are considered in the casino as “wheel”; and although not all players are able to identify them, many use machines with these systems without knowing it. One of them is, precisely, the slots.

Historically, French jargon referred to these games as a diminutive of “wheel.” Hence the term roulette that is known today. The birth of the casinos and the implication of this rotating object as part of their arsenal was very popular at the time of the Enlightenment; and later, when the casino became Americanized, the boom continued around these games.

In the twentieth century, wheel games of fortune had an overwhelming reception by users. Especially in the second half, when TV shows began to show reality shows in which each player could take important prizes with just a rotating shot.

In popular culture, many American citizens and, a general public, may associate wheel games with the 1942s, when the cinema used roulette scenes on the Casablanca film, with Humphrey Bogart. The same happened with the films of Mission Impossible, agent James Bond and The Swing, in 1973.

There is a whole iconic identity that has developed around these games, and that should be valued in its condition of entertainment, leisure and historical part of the evolution of a society that always seeks ways to get together and have fun collectively.

It is clear that it is one of the most fanaticisms among the people who come to a casino. In fact, with the technology on the rise and the migration of many games to the platform 2.0, the games of wheels have not lost their boom at all, and neither its essence.

The wheel games, on average, are present in arcade, slots, strategic tables and much more. For some, those of skill may have more merit, such as poker, however, for easy entertainment and without many headaches, nothing more than chance to get carried away in a casino, whether on land or online.

Now, if the players go to the practical aspects, based on the variety of games that are of this type: how and what are the best tactics to get the most out of them?

First of all, you have to consider that many players are agglomerated before them; therefore, you have to evaluate the styles and the odds to win, even if it is a chance. If you talk about roulette, in essence, just a couple of chips and opponents to bet. With the slots, a slot where you can insert the coins, a lever to activate it and a payment line to collect, is all that is necessary.

The wheel games, on the other hand, also include the so-called “of fortune” or “for winners”. In structure, they look a lot like the baccarat table, but it is played with poker chips and the bet value ranges between two cents and twenty-five dollars.

How to play: rules

All vary, but on average many maintain their essence by adjusting to the game,  in that sense, the first thing that comes in the games of chance is to bet “to one”, based on questions such as the odds and opportunities to get a good advantage.

When it comes to wheel games, almost always the members of the table are the ones that establish their own conditions. First, by the variety and, second, because there are no structured instructions on how to play, expanding the variations they want to make about the tournaments.

In this regard, the players are the masters of their games and, with the exception of the bet, the casino will not require specific ways of playing.

Also, there are instructions that vary according to the game. For example, in the Wheel Games, an online wheel game, the information included in the instructions and ways of playing if they are established, as well as the betting limits and the number of roulette numbers.

How to play: strategies

Who understands it does it and, with practice, achieves it. The wheel games are wide in their opportunities to win by how incredibly easy they are to understand and put into practice with a couple of concepts explained.

You do not have to be an expert in calculation or skill, chance makes of his own and pleases a number of players who crowd together to play. In this case, if they had to evaluate “strategies”, they would not be the methodology of the game, but the payment of the house for those who use wheel games.

For example, certain casinos -both land or online casino– charge between eleven and twenty-four percent of profit. This is perfectly valid since the financial support of these sites depends on that income.

However, evaluating opportunities, a variety of games, betting, and opponents, a player must consider whether it suits him to get rid of that percentage of his gain. Finding the balance is essential so as not to spend ridiculous sums of money and lose them in commission.

How to play: conditions

Powering a set of wheels is incredibly easy. When it comes to online games, just press the button to start and hope that, eventually, the speed will decrease until it stops. There is a number that will fall selected and, according to the bet, it will determine if it is a winner or loser.

There are certain machines in which several shoot sessions are played at a time, and bets can be direct or specific to a certain number. In the case of slot machines, the combinations range from the easiest and with the highest percentage of repetition, to the least frequent, of higher prizes.

In the case of conventional roulette, players prefer the French version, and before it they place their bets, choosing number and color and, sometimes, placing extra poker chips in their selected squads. In this game they can be decided by pairs or odd; they can do it by reds, blacks and greens and, even, the last eighteen numbers of a sequence.

When it comes to wheel games, the limits seem to be relegated to the background, while players rummage through more options that allow them to enjoy to the fullest and experience, for little money, in most of the machines and tables available for this type of contests

Thanks to the popularity of these games, the variety that exists online is increasingly extensive and rich in content, graphics, interface, and opportunities. As some will allow bets that reach a couple of dollars, others will stay in cents and some, like slots, will not accept more than metallic material in their slots.

When a player decides which is his favorite game, he can spend hours and hours working on it, but there are those who consider themselves intrepid and test all the varieties that exist within the casinos.

Therefore, with its advantages and disadvantages, these games are well designed for their original purpose: to provide entertainment.